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What we do

We help people see, think and act systemically – to take a ‘whole system’ approach – which can be a profoundly different way of looking at things.

We bring a robust approach

We use the science of how human systems work, evolve, flow and flourish to give people a ‘better map of their terrain’ and help them navigate through complexity to sustainable change.

Glow workshop
Glow workshop
Glow workshop
Glow workshop

With wide application

We are involved in organisational change and purpose, culture and values, leadership development, partnership in and between sectors and innovation in social systems. We design and deliver projects such as:

  • Innovation labs that explore leadership and system change
  • Frameworks, analysis and evaluation
  • Scenario planning
  • Systemic coaching and constellations

Diverse experience

We work with a wide range of organisations, directly and through other consultancies, from foundations and not-for-profits to commercial organisations, councils and community groups, across a wide range of industries and contexts.

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