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Lycia Harper
Glow founder and director

Lycia is a complex systems practitioner. She has run her own consultancy for many years and is a founder and director of Systemic Arts and a new future cities collaboration called citycentred. She is connected to a wide network of people and consultancies who are leaders in their field and bring the highest level of expertise and experience.

Lycia Harper
Lycia Harper

An experienced facilitator, systemic coach and project manager, Lycia’s practice is based on complexity science combined with systemic constellations, an empirical facilitation practice concerned with how human systems flow and flourish.

Lycia discovered complexity science in 2006, “a profound discovery because it was the first set of ideas that fitted with my lived experience.” Her passion is helping people think and act systemically because she believes it revolutionises the decisions people make and is key to creating a healthier, happier, more equal and sustainable society.

She has worked for 11 years in change and community investment after four years in operations consultancy for not-for profits and 11 years in marketing, brand and public relations.

She holds an MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice and a BSc in Physics and is a Fellow of the Schumacher Institute, and member of the Association of Sustainability Practitioners and International Systemic Constellations Association.

Lycia is an associate to industry-leading consultancies:

C&E Advisory
Community investment and corporate responsibility

Social return on investment

Future Considerations

Systemic change

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